Do you want to add security guards to your business location? For a company that has not made use of uniformed security services before, this change can be somewhat daunting for employees and even customers. How can you make it easier for everyone and help your staff to have a positive experience? Here are five things any business owner can do when hiring security guard services.

1. Know Your Goals.

Why are you hiring security personnel? What specific issues do you want to address and how will this addition do so? Be clear in your own mind about why you're making this move so you can explain it clearly and calmly to employees. The more specific your goals — such as reducing shoplifting — the more employees will be reassured that this isn't a punitive measure toward them. 

2. Start Small.

Sometimes, the best way to introduce something new into an established environment is to begin with small measures. Perhaps you might have a uniformed security person at the front door, greeting people and focusing on strangers coming and going from the business. As employees get used to their presence and get to know the individual(s), expand that to patrols or establish a security desk. 

3. Emphasize the Benefits.

What's in this new addition for your employees? No matter what your primary goals are in working with more security, employees benefit in many ways. Emphasize these to employees. For instance, security personnel can provide safety walks at night, will respond to disruptive customers, will protect cash transactions, can help give directions to lost customers, and are trained in first aid.

4. Ask What Employees Want.

Have you listened to your employees' concerns? Do they worry about feeling watched or judged? Do they understand the range or limitations of the security presence? Do they have safety worries that your security guard plan will not address? When staff feel heard and appreciated and included in decisions, people will be more supportive and more productive.

5. Work With Professionals.

Business owners may not know what makes a good security guard or what to look for in their history and experience. So you might choose the wrong individuals and make things even more tense in the workplace. Instead, let a security service do the work for you and provide you with professional, trained guards who know how to work in various environments.

Where to Learn More

Want more tips for introducing additional security to your company and its employees? Start by meeting with a security guard service in your area today. With their expertise, you and your employees will soon welcome this new member of the team.