As a professional home inspector, you undertake potentially risky tasks on behalf of your clients. You are entrusted to walk through and inspect people's homes closely. You also come into close contact with people's personal belongings during your inspections.

It can be easy for someone to accuse you of wrongdoing and say you somehow victimized them when, in fact, you are innocent of the charge. You can back up your claims of innocence by wearing home inspector body cameras during your inspections.

Proving Your Integrity and Honesty

It can be easy for someone to say you failed to inspect a certain part of the house. The buyer, seller, or insurer may say you overlooked the foundation or did not inspect the roof, for example. They may accuse you of falsifying your report and trying to take advantage of or defraud them.

If you were to carry out the inspection without recording your process, you may find yourself putting up your word against that of the accuser. You would face a significant challenge of trying to prove you carried out your job as hired and did not take advantage of the accuser.

However, when you wear home inspector body cameras during your work, you can immediately go to the footage to back up your story. You can show you inspected all of the critical fixtures in and outside of a home and did not defraud or abuse anyone during your work.

Deflecting Claims of Theft

Without the use of cameras, you may also find you have to defend yourself against accusations of theft. The accuser may say you stole money or property during your inspection.

The footage from home inspector body cameras can clear you of these accusations, however. You can show the entire footage, from the time you entered the house until you exited it, to prove you did not steal anything and are innocent of the theft claims.

Training New Hires

Finally, you can use your home inspector body cameras to train new hires. The newly hired inspectors can watch the video from your camera and learn how to carry out inspections themselves. You avoid having to spend weeks or longer training them to work independently and can instead have them watch footage from your cameras.

Home inspector body cameras can serve important purposes during your work. They can show you are innocent of crimes like fraud and theft. They can also capture footage to use to train newly hired home inspectors. Look into home inspector body cameras to find one you like.