When it comes to opening a small business on your own, one of the most potentially lucrative options in the short-term is to open up a pawn shop. Pawn shops buy used items that may have resale value from customers who come into the store. They also offer collateral-based loans in which a person will bring in jewelry or other high-value items in exchange for a cash loan that they will need to pay off in order to get their possessions back. While a profitable business option, it also leaves a great deal of room for attempted theft, break-ins, and robbery. As such, if you are looking to open a pawn shop business, you should get to know some of the security steps that you should take to protect yourself and your fledgling business enterprise.

Install A Video Surveillance System With Cameras Inside And Outside The Building

You want to be sure that you have eyes on your business at all times. From the entrances outside of your store, to the most secluded nooks and crannies in the back of the store, you do not want any area to be without monitoring and protection.

As such, installing a video surveillance system with cameras both inside and outside of the building is a must. You cannot be everywhere at once, and if you are busy with one customer, you do not want another to get away with stealing something at taking money directly out of your pocket in the process. Video security systems will dissuade many would-be thieves.

And, for those that are not discouraged, you will have the video evidence to prosecute them for shoplifting if they do get sticky fingers. The same can be true for attempted robberies, and other related crimes. The video surveillance system will also give you peace of mind when you are away from your store.

Consider Hiring Security Guard Services

If you are planning to work with particularly high-value items like jewelry, firearms, or original artwork, you will want even more security than just a few cameras in the building. Hiring security guards to protect your business is the next logical step in beefing up your security.

Security guard services can be utilized in many ways. Some security workers will wear street clothes to appear like just another customer or worker in your pawn shop, but will really be observing your clientele, ready to act at any signs of trouble. Others will work in uniform and stand at the entrance of your shop to keep anyone from coming in or out that should not.

Security guard services can also work to protect your business in off-hours when you are not there, performing checks and security rounds to keep anyone from breaking into you business. All of these services provide you with peace of mind and further discourage any criminals scoping out your business for possible attacks.

Now that you know a few of the ways that you can protect your new pawn shop business, you can get started with your security improvements and ensure that your business is as successful and lucrative as possible.