Between being present and working on job sites and handing out estimates to potential customers, as the owner of a construction business, it can mean that you are a very busy person who barely has time to answer incoming calls. While most professionals only think of an answering service for things like legal offices and medical practitioners, as a construction business owner there are a handful of reasons why an answering service could work out well for you. Here are three of the biggest reasons why you should consider contracting a third-party answering service for your construction business. 

1. Build your business's reputation with customers. - Because there will always be someone available to answer incoming calls to your business, your customers will start to view you as a reliable professional or company. You will never miss an opportunity of landing a job or project either because there will always be a professional available to handle customer inquiries and service orders. Reliability and availability are easily two of the most important attributes to possess in the eyes of a customer when you are in the business of construction, and a live answering service can help to accomplish that for you.  

2. Obtain better control over customer requests. - Without someone to accept your incoming calls, you could be left having to handle customer requests over the phone while you are in the middle of other projects or even talking to another client. It can be very difficult to keep proper tabs on incoming information such as sales orders or estimate requests when you are always on the go. With a live answering service, you will obtain detailed, organized reports every day of who called and what they needed. 

3. Save money on the expense that comes along with hiring your own secretary. - You could always hire a secretary to sit in an office and handle incoming calls all day. However, this would still not match up to the level of service you would receive from an answering service. An answering service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Hiring an answering service like Security Services Northwest, Inc means you can skip all of the hassle that comes with having that extra employee and the costs that are involved. You will not have to have the extra person on the payroll or an office where this person would be situated to take calls.