A security alarm system is a good first line of defense, but what if intruders aren't deterred? If you live in an area that doesn't have the fastest police response, or if you're on vacation and unable to call security, security alarm response professionals can add an additional level of personally monitored, boots-on-the-ground response that you need to keep your home or business safe. 

The Difference Between Alarm Only And Monitoring

Not all alarm systems come with monitoring solutions. Although some companies may offer monitoring as a bundled service, do you know the security officers and monitoring agents involved? Are they local employees of a franchise or contracted out without your permission? If the services are contracted, it may be better to work directly with the third party professionals for a local solution.

An alarm-only system will alert you, the inhabitants of the building, and neighbors to a potential intrusion, but unless the previously mentioned monitoring service is specifically added, it's up to you or the neighborhood to call for help. Instead of relying on the alarm alone, you could hire an alarm system response team to track your alarm system, provide real-time feedback and analysis of the situation, and to dispatch security officers.

Hired Security Personnel? Not Police?

Law enforcement officers exist to enforce the law first, then assist the public. In a best-case scenario, there will be a police officer in the general area that isn't otherwise engaged who can help you. Unfortunately, the reality is that police may be too busy or too far away to get to your building in a timely fashion. You can assist police and keep yourself safe by relying on trained, skilled security officers.

These aren't just random employees with a gun! Security officers go through a rigorous training program designed to safely and efficiently respond to an alarm situation while making sure that law enforcement officers are given their due space. You can also review the security team's performance record, compare their performance against lesser-skilled teams, and ask to be involved in lessons with their security classes.

Private security and police confrontations are understandable, especially in the dark of night. In a high-tension situation, it can be difficult to hold fire or join forces with another group that seems to be moving quickly and aggressively. With proper training, your security response team can allow law enforcement integration or even back off the situation if legally required.

Contact a professional security response professional and speak directly with the team that can provide exact and efficient security alarm response for you.