No matter what kind of store you wish to open, the atmosphere will often determine your clientele. If you want your store to have a somewhat upscale presentation, but have a welcoming atmosphere, you should have your sales personnel and your security personnel act the part. Here are some ideas for keeping your security guards ready for duty, without appearing intimidating to your customers.

Keep your guards in suits

If you want your security to blend in a little better with you retail establishment, have the guards wear suits, rather than clothing that would be associated with law enforcement personnel. The suits seem more personal, but still command respect and authority. Make sure that the suits allow for easy movement, by keeping the pasts and suit jackets loose and breezy. If possible, you should personally provide the suits and ties for your security guards, so everyone looks entirely uniform.

Allow indoor sunglasses

The reason celebrities and their body guards often wear sunglasses while inside is so that their eyes and the direction they are looking if somewhat obscured. For this reason, you should allow your security guards to wear sun glasses inside of the building, plus install ceiling mirrors. This will allow your security detail to covertly glance around the store without calling attention to their loss prevention and security methods.

Have the security greet customers

One of the first rules to good customer service is to greet every customer as they walk into the door. To up the ante just a little bit, station a security guard at the front of the store to open the door for your customers. This will provide your customers with some extra special service and it will also provide your guards the option to take a look at each customer as they enter. If your guard is trained in loss prevention, they may be able to recognize the signs quickly and provide proper security against store losses.

Train security in store layout

Since your security guards will blend in to your retail establishment, chances are they will be asked for help by customers. Train your security guards in the layout for the store. This way they can help customers find the right general area for products that they are looking for. Knowing the store layout and where all products sit can also help the security sweep the areas with small or popular to lift products. This way there is always a reason for your guard to escort customers to the area and remain on standby, while keeping watch.

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