If you own your own clothing boutique, you may be concerned about retail theft and its effects on your profit margin. Shoplifting is a problem that costs business owners time and money. In order to keep shoplifting down, there are several methods you can instill around your boutique to help keep it from happening at all. Here are a few ways you can beef up your security and keep your clothing on the racks instead of sneaking out on a person's body without being paid for.

Install Cameras

When customers know there are surveillance cameras in an establishment, they will think twice before trying to steal items, as they know they may be caught easily. Place cameras in view, as they will show customers you are watching. Most businesses will have hidden cameras as well, and seasoned shoplifters will be aware that there is a possibility of more cameras as soon as they see the one in view. Place a camera near the front door and outside the changing room area. Designate someone to watch for suspicious behavior and followup, if necessary. This retail security system can deliver good results.

Make Your Shop Friendly

Have someone available to greet each person as they come into the door. Often shoplifters will case out a store several times before trying to steal. If they see the same friendly faces when they come inside, they may not be as quick to try to take something as the greeter would recognize them. Make sure your boutique is clean and that all products are placed within view of cameras or store workers. Bins of clothing or racks that are close to one another are at risk because someone could easily grab an item and stow it away without being seen. If you have wide aisles and an organized store, things will not go missing as easily.

Use Security Tags

Placing security tags on your clothing items will help deter them from theft. Tags using magnetic strips will cause an alarm to go off if merchandise with a tag goes past a magnetic sensor placed by the exit. Tags that use radio frequency are another type. Security tags containing ink can be placed on an article of clothing to deter the article from being stolen, as well. If someone tries removing the tag, the ink will get all over their hands, making them stand out in the store as being someone who tried to steal. Tags should be placed inside clothing in an inconspicuous area so there is less risk of it being tampered with.